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2005-2007 Honda CRF250 Transmission Counter Shaft

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Part: Transmission Counter Shaft

Removed From: 2005 Honda CRF250R

Retail: $544.95

Part Number: 23221-KRN-A00, 23421-KRN-670, 23471-KRN-670, 23451-KRN-670, 23491-KRN-A00, 23411-KRN-670

Brand: OEM Honda


  • 2005 Honda CRF250R
  • 2006 Honda CRF250R
  • 2007 Honda CRF250R 

Condition: Used

Detailed Condition:

-Worked great when on machine
-Transmission shifted smoothly and did not jump out of gear or make any abnormal noises
-No cracked, chipped, stripped, or broken gears or shafts
-Splines are in good condition
-Transfer pegs are not worn or burnt
-Shaft is clean
-Not repaired anywhere

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