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2002-2007 Honda CR125 Exhaust Silencer

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Part: Exhaust Silencer

Removed From: 2003 Honda CR125R

Retail: $134.55

Part Number: 18330-KSR-732

Brand: OEM Honda


  • 2002 Honda CR125R
  • 2003 Honda CR125R
  • 2004 Honda CR125R
  • 2005 Honda CR125R
  • 2006 Honda CR125R
  • 2007 Honda CR125R

Condition: Used

Detailed Condition:

-Muffler has a dent (see pictures)
-No cracks or breaks 
-Some scratches and scuffs
-Rivets and screws are intact
-Mounting holes and bracket are in good shape
-No damaged threads
-Silencer is clean
-Not sure of condition of packing
-Not repaired anywhere

Tags: Exhaust, Silencer, Can, Pipe, Head, Manifold