OEM Kawasaki

1999-2002 Kawasaki KX125 KX250 Front Wheel

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Part: Front Wheel

Removed From: 2000 Kawasaki KX250

Retail: $454.36

Part Number: 41090-1117

Brand: OEM Kawasaki


  • 1999 Kawasaki KX125
  • 2000 Kawasaki KX125
  • 2001 Kawasaki KX125
  • 2002 Kawasaki KX125
  • 1999 Kawasaki KX250
  • 2000 Kawasaki KX250
  • 2001 Kawasaki KX250
  • 2002 Kawasaki KX250

Condition: Used

Detailed Condition:  

-Worked great when on machine
-No cracks or breaks 
-Rim has a few minor flat spots or bends
-Wheel spins true
-Some scratches and scrapes
-No seized or stripped spokes
-No broken, bent, or missing spokes
-Some corrosion 
-Bearings spin smoothly and have been freshly re-greased
-Bearings are tight in hub
-All threads and mounting holes are in good condition
-Not repaired anywhere
-Wheel is clean
-Rim size is 21 x 1.60

Tags: Rim, Hub, Tire, Spokes, Assembly, Bearings